Conference is the Belgian pride and an absolute export success. It is small to medium-sized. The fruit is green-brown and becomes light yellow when ripened. The flesh is white but turns more yellow when the pear ripens. The taste of a Conference is very fine, sweet and juicy. That is why it is the ideal table pear, that can be eaten both hard and soft / ripe. Very loved in Belgium and abroad !

Doyenné de Comice:

Doyenné du Comice is a large fruit with a short stalk and a yellow-green color with brown-red bloom. The flesh is white. This extremely juicy pear has a very aromatic, sweet taste. All these features make it the “Queen of the pears”. Doyenné du Comice is an ideal dessert pear.



This is a juicy yellow pear. The pears are ripe for picking in October and ready for consumption in January. It is suitable as a dessert pear and takes the form of Conference and the taste of Doyenné du Comice, which are its parents.


Beurre hardy:

It is a bronze-colored, medium to large sized pear. It serves as opener of the new season. Has a slightly sour taste. To be used as a dessert pear, but also suitable for stewing.




Saint Remy: