Delbard Estival:

Delbard Estival is the perfect summer apple. A medium apple with green yellow ground and a slightly striped orange red blush. Creamy white flesh that is firm, juicy and slightly aromatic. A very good apple, but only available during a short period!


Jonagold is Belgium's most famous and consumed apple. This is a hybrid of Golden Delicious and Jonathan. It is a large apple with a bright red blush on a yellow-green background. The flesh has a light yellow color, is firm and juicy. This is an ideal dessert apple, but it can also be used as a kitchen apple.


Boskoop is the best kitchen apple. It is a stout and big apple, with a rough skin, but rich in vitamin C, fruit acids and sugars.

Cox’s Orange Pipin:

Cox's Orange is a small apple. Soft, juicy and sweet flesh. Cox has a typical aroma.


Elstar is a small to medium-sized round apple. Has a light yellow background with a bright red blush. Sweet-sour with a fine aroma and firm but soft flesh. The ideal dessert apple for young and old.


Jonagored is a mutation of Jonagold, but 90% of the skin surface is dark red, striped, colored. The flesh is cream colored, crispy and juicy with a lovely fresh, delicate taste. This apple is highly appreciated for exports because of its uniformity and shelf life.


Kanzi, or South African for 'hidden treasure', is a new shiny, bright red, hard apple with a unique sweet-sour taste. The apple which originates from Belgium, but which is grown all over Europe, is a blend of Gala and Braeburn.


Greenstar, also developed in Belgium, is a fresh green apple with a very high vitamin C content. Exceptional to this apple is that the flesh does not discolor after being cut, which makes it ideal for garnishing and salads.