We work following the wishes and requests of every customer: shopkeeper, market trader, wholesaler, exporter or consumer. Everyone will find the apple or pear he likes, packed according to the customer's wishes !

We strive to deliver quality fruit at a fair price. Since 2009, we have a modern 4-lane optical sorter with waterdumper, with a sorting capacity of 40 tons per day. This allows us to sort fruit without damaging it and to be flexible towards our customers in terms of delivery. After sorting, extra attention is paid to keep the cold chain closed. Also in terms of types of packaging, labeling and traceability, we offer full service.

The permanent presence of one of the managers is certainly one of our strengths. The atmosphere at the workplace is very important for us. Together with our staff we aim at the same goal: to deliver quality fruit.

Sales manager: Yves Wolfcarius +32 476 38 76 04