Your fruit all year round:


From December to early April, all our fruit trees are pruned. A good cutting forms the basis for a qualitative and good yield. This is done by our own specialized personnel.


During April and May, the orchards are in full bloom. The plantations are beautiful and worth a visit. For good pollination of the blossoms, we help nature by putting some extra hives in the plantations. When it freezes, we protect our flowers by irrigation. We grow in an environmentally responsible way. This means that beneficial insects are attracted to remove the malicious ones. We do this by planting ecological strips and hedges, hanging birdhouses for insectivorous songbirds and placing perches for birds of prey. From spring on we start fertigation so that the trees get the required quantity of food and water. This improves the quality and the production.


When there is too much fruit, we must thin the fruit. This means that fruit that is too small and of lower quality is manually removed. During this season also the orchards and machinery are maintained and everything is put ready for the harvest.

Summer + Fall:

The harvest begins mid August and ends late October. Over two months, dozens of seasonal workers help us to harvest the fruit. Everything is picked in large wooden boxes. Immediately after harvest these are brought to the refrigerated rooms.

Fall / Winter / Spring / Summer:

Depending on demand we sort the fruit and offer it to our customers. We reduce the time out of the fridge to a minimum in order to deliver the most delicious
fruit to our customers.

Cultivation manager: Stephan Wolfcarius: +32 479 36 43 63